Data Modeling/Data Warehouse/ETL Support/Tuning


There are many software developers who can create a database to hold your data. However, if a database is not designed properly, you can experience performance degradation, loss of integrity, bandwidth, and storage issues.

Our database expertise enables us to design scalable databases that:

  • Perform optimally with extremely large data sets
  • Reflect your organizational structure
  • Incorporate best-practices
  • Take advantage of the database optimization engine
  • Maintain relational integrity
  • Operate efficiently
  • FAST data retrieval

We are experts in database modeling and design, as well as performance tuning. We can create your database or data warehouse from the ground up. Or if you have an existing database that is just not performing well, we can help with tuning, and re-architecting where needed, to get the best overall improvements for the lowest cost to you.