SBC Generator

Our SBCGen tool provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly enter your “Summary of Benefits & Coverage” information. Then, just click a button to generate your fully-formatted SBC, based on the SBC Template (Microsoft Word document) provided by CMS. It uses a Microsoft SQL Server Express (free download) database, and can easily be configured to import plan designs from existing health plan systems to reduce manual input. Save any number of unique configurations. Includes calculator that automatically generates the page 5 scenario values based on your specific plan configuration.

The friendly user interface allows you to configure and review your plan information:


Click the “Generate SBC” button to get your SBC: :


The tab for Page 5 of the SBC contains the calculator inputs, and a handy “Import from SBC” button, to automatically import the information from the first 4 tabs! Page 5 values for the SBC are automatically calculated using the values on this tab:


Please use the Contact page to request your copy of this software.

The licensing cost is $1,500 per machine.