Chrissy Rossow
President & CEO BlueStem Technology

Graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1988 with a degree in Computer Science. Since then my entire career has been dedicated to full lifecycle development for software and data solutions.

Touche Ross (now Deloitte Consulting) developing software and data solutions for their actuarial consulting practice in healthcare and retirement systems.

Reden & Anders (which became Ingenix, which is now OptumInsight). The principals invited me to join this young start-up, and I became their 24x7 360 degree IT person, setting up their networking and hardware infrastructure, and developing software solutions to support their health actuarial business.

Rose Technology Mr. Kioski invited me to join him, and we enjoyed many years of software development and consulting, featuring:

  • developed Global Capitation model software
  • customized small group health plan rating and proposal software

Cirdan HealthSystems & Consulting. Cirdan then invited me to join their young company (started by a former Principal of Reden & Anders). At Cirdan, I again became the 24x7 360 degree IT person, responsible for networking and infrastructure, data warehousing, and software development and support. While there, I developed an encounter data software product, and was the first in the state of MN to get 100% reimbursement by MN DHS for our clients' Medicaid claims. These clients included PrimeWest Health, Metropolitan Health Plan, and IMCare. All of our encounter data clients began receiving millions of dollars in previously withheld reimbursements for Medicaid claims because their encounter data finally met data quality thresholds. As CMS began planning for their implementation of an encounter data system for receiving Medicare claims for reimbursement, CMS representatives came to MN to meet with me to hear about my challenges and my overall success story in getting "clean" encounter data to the State of MN.

National Dentex (NDX) A new corporate entity, joining together 30+ independent dental labs. Required centralized, consistent data collection and reporting from these 30 labs. While I was there I:

  • Designed logical and physical data model for their enterprise data warehouse (EDW).
  • Led developement of ETL processes to collect non-uniform data for the EDW from 30+ independent labs.
  • Hired and led the data warehousing and business intelligence team.
  • Developed an "attrition prediction" algorithm and software solution to notify customer service agents when customer order patterns indicated a customer was "at risk" of leaving NDX for another dental lab, so outreach activities could targeted appropriately.

Optum (division of United Health Group) Software development and data solutions team

  • Completely re-architected "grandfathering" prior-authorization tool, significantly reducing daily processing times. This allowed for significant additional functionality, which I developed. I also redesigned a more robust user interface to allow for a much more powerful user experience.
  • Designed, architected, and developed automated payment system for HRA reimbursements.
  • Architected and lead the development of an ETL solution to sync-up internal provider database with a particular state's database.
  • Re-architected existing databases and solutions to optimize many long-running queries and ETL processes, significantly reducing overall run-times, sometimes by more than 12 hours.

Personal Statement

I tremendously enjoy problem-solving challenges. In this venture, I have teamed up with my career-long mentor, Greg Kioski, to launch a software and data solutions firm that delivers high-powered, expertly designed custom solutions at an affordable cost and within required timeframes. I look forward to helping your business get to the "next level", with cost-saving, time-saving, value-added solutions.

Located in Maple Grove, MN --- Phone: 612-986-4220


Greg Kioski
President of Rose Technology

With almost 50 years in software development and consulting, specializing in employee benefit solutions, Greg has developed custom software solutions for the actuarial industry. For retirement planning, he has designed and implemented demographic models and cost projection tools. For health care, he has implemented cost management tools and commercially available software products for Small Group rating and proposals as well as custom modeling solutions for large groups.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biophysics, Loyola Marymount University Masters in Software Design & Development, University of St. Thomas